Breaking news for Jackson's Crossroads pay to dig Georgia  amethyst crystal hole , updated
Feb. 27, 2005 .     From time to time I update the pictures on this Breaking News page . I have
some very cool new photos and I hope that within the day I can rebuild this page with some
very interesting pictures  !  As the regional expert in breaking rocks in this part of the country , I
have a lot of tricks and specialized tools to use .  One of these is  the pionjar YN120 rockdrill .   
Recently I demonstrated the incredible effectiveness  of using the pionjar rockdrill  to drill holes
in huge boulders and inserting a "plugs and feathers " set in the hole . Just a few taps of a 8
pound hammer - - - USING ONLY ONE HAND --- I broke a huge boulder of very hard rock !  I do
mean hard rock , a boulder which sat on the surface  and had been hammered by no telling
how many folks  , succumbed to this method in 6 minutes , and that included  drilling the
borehole . ------ Look for an update soon !  --------------  A couple weeks ago ( Feb. 13 ) I took
the backhoe and dug a drainage ditch and a cross drain  at the bad boggy spot on the main  
driveway leading in , and Don Brockway made a trip a few days later and  took a pipe and
threw in the ditch . I paid $600 today to a contractor who will be taking 24 tons of #4 gravel and
filling the ditch and boggy area .  Hopefully he will have this done by this saturday so that folks
can just drive right up to the dig area . Four guys drove down this weekend and stayed four
days digging , They drove 16 hours straight , all the way from Massachsets !  I went and
checked on them to day , and them boys were mighty happy with their digging results.  I'll be
opening a new pay to dig locations soon !  Details are not quite ironed out ,but it should be
opened in 2 weeks.   The first group in will have a very good time , so e-mail me if you want on
the list for opening day .    My Information Technologies Specialist has updated my companion
site with a very cool report on the Feb.12 DMC  fieldtrip . It's mostly ready now but very
interestiing pictures will be added later this evening.    The Feb.12 dig started at daylight for me
, when I got on a new four wheel drive backhoe from RELIABLE RENTAL , MARTINEZ ,GA. and
dug up the tailings piles and rolled over boulders that were to heavy to roll by hand .   Then , I
dug a new area and cordoned this off .  About 9 a.m. Norris BBQ  arrived and set up their
vending trailer , providing hot coffee and real southern bbq .     10 a.m. saw the arrival of 140
diggers !  Most everyone found at least something and quite a few found really good amethyst
.................and really good amethyst is something to behold !    One girl , 8 year old "Mandy"
found a huge cluster of gemmy facet grade amethyst .   There is no other place around where
you can get permission and go find gemmy facet grade amethyst !  be sure to visit  to read
about the dmc dig  and see all the latest updates at my slick professionally designed  .    In other news , Mickey Cecil posted an interesting  Tucson
gem show report  here :      See the page
covering  the Tucson show that has great pictures of Terry Ledford's Jackson's Crossroads
amethyst display , click here :    New ! If you like
 Southeastern American amethyst then click this link ( link to my ebay auction of a Mineralogical
Record back issue concerning Southern U.S. amethyst localities ,complete with awesome
pictures , maps to  collectiong locations in the South, and more):   This page normally
reserved for jxr breaking news , but I'm going to post here the results of my trip out to Arizona.   
I left out on Jan.26 and arrived  in Quartsite.  A big dissapointment and not much to see.  I can't
recommend visitng the place . The Q.I.A. Pow Wow  featured a lot of high priced junk and 3
good dealers.   The best booth was a fellow who had killer RED BERYL . These were all super
nice and very expensive. The fellow said that he was only there becuase he applied too late to
the Tucson shows. He was fixing to pack up and leave due to poor sales.  The second best
tourmaline xls penetrating clear quartz and reasonably priced .   The third best booth ( and I
want to give a shout out here to them , my homeboys !)  was run by Charlie Padgett of N.C.
and Greg Padgett of S. Carolina. They reported fair sales of very reasonably priced  GRAVES
MOUNTAIN RUTILE AND IRRIDESCENT HEMATITE . Really nice quality and good prices.   I left
Quartsite and headed to Tucson , to get the low-down on the low-down . My goal was to get
some material to sell on eBAY , and I did that pretty well, getting nice in-expensive Vanadinite ,
CINNABAR CRYSTALS , Quartz from Montanna , Arizona , California , and some very unusuall
"Payson diamonds"  which are similar to Herkimer Diamonds but with varying degrees of
amethyst coloration and originating from "Diamond Point"  in Payson , Arizona!  I'll be posting
these for sale on ebay today .  I looked for amethyst of United States origin but found none
other than the payson material  and of course my " Jackson's Crossroad's amethyst "  being
sold by "mountain Gems".    I think there should be some California/Nevada  Hallelujah Junction
amethyst scepters that will be offered at the main show Feb. 12  by Krystal Tips Mining .  The
folks at krystal tips are fast , friendly and efficient with the eBay auctions , I am providing a link
to their website , which is way cool : . Lots of good foreign  
material abounded . Lots of good fossils , and I met with Mickey Cecil and Gary Maddox of "  " who were slinging nice calcite crystal filled  fossil clams that
they had dug in Florida.      new !   Jackson's Crossroads t-shirts now in stock , visit my eBay
store to purchase or just e-mail me for info.          New  video added ,
click this link and check out new video 2  :     I
have had several people call to ask what the conditions will be like for the feb.12 dmc fieldtrip .
Currently there are 2 holes that I have to fill . I had ordered a bulldozer out there for early to
mid-week , but the contractor has had several delays . I talked to him today ( Saturday , Jan.15
) at noon and he said if he got his tractor trailer lowboy outfit running he would go out there
today and take care of the assignment.    What I want done is just basically slope the banks  
and fill in th holes , but , to leave the huge talus piles and boulders .   I'll go out there soon and
take a picture to post of what the place looks like .   After the fellow takes the machine out there
will be fresh dirt and boulders exposed that will make for good rock hunting and boulder busting
fun . And , after a rain there will be good material showing.      Speaking of recent rain ,   a
fellow made arrangements to go out the other day after the rains rolled thru .   He was just
going to go that evening and camp . It had rained all day and was still raining off and on .   He
got there about 7:30 only to see a  dark green GMC suv  or similiar , leaving the area .  After
driving two hours to the site  it appears that someone had come in without permission and  
removed the exposed material---- in the pouring rain . Not only did they steal from me they
stole from the guy who had arranged to collect.  I have the site checked DAILY .  It is very
important not to be out there without permission . Permission is easy to get !  Otherwise -----
you are engaging in theft.  .  Be sure to visit the twin site ( but much cleaner and user friendly )
:  and also check out the killer amethyst on sale at my ebay store
:    .   I did some digging New years day and here is how
things went :   I started the day with  a gathering of folks and work began in the back hole.  
Despite the recent hit off a 100 pound plus pocket , when the machine was taken to that area ,
little was found . Even after digging 3 solid hours  !  So , off to the front hole , where it took
awhile to knock down some trees and get situated.  Immediately after getting the machine
placed in position a huge pocket was opened. This was a "open" or hollow pocket that was
druse lined with a black thick coating of manganese . I was standing 8 feet away and noticed
the begining of the pocket with amethyst inside . I rushed over and looked in and realized this
was a huge pocket with amethyst clusters hangin down all over the surface. Some folks have
eloquently described this phenom as "hanging down like ripe succulent concorde grapes " and
others have unflatteringly described it as " hanging down like cow udders " . Generally these
type pockets are fractured up and have a " rotten rind" , that is to say , the lining of the vug is
heavily silicified and thusly breaks away from the host rock and fractures into plates that are
easily removed .Since the vug is hollow , this greatly facilitates removal of perfect damage free
clusters . Just reach in and wiggle -wiggle -wiggle , and some clusters detach readily . Those
that do not can be removed by takeing the whole loose section of pocket lining out to have a
plate of druse lined matrix on which rest gemmy purple amethyst .  After removing a large
quantity of amethyst , I notice a crowd of folks had massed along the rim of the hole.  Since I
had been blessed with such a good hit , and because the start had been terribly slow , I asked
everyone to line up single file , to come down into the hole one at a time and reach into the
pocket and do the wiggle thing , to extract a amethyst from the pocket. It took no time for the 25
people to line up and most were visibly very excited. One by one they came down and peered
into the opening and reached up and pulled a crystal out . It's the nature of clusters for some to
be ultra gemmy facet grade while the next crystal adjacent maybe cloudy . Some of the folks
managed to get a killer crystal while some foilks no doubt got cloudy " dogs " . No way of telling
when your collecting them because of the heavy manganese coating. This gave a lot of folks
the opportunity to collect from a vug that would never otherwise have the chance. This day
concluded the digging season for jxr and the area is now being flattened out level , before the
miserable mid-January and february winter weather starts.  I'll leave some good big boulders up
top  so they'll still be good pickings for a few weeks . I am adding a picture of one of the small
clusters, just after hoseing off the manganese. This is not a particularly good one, it's just one I
randomly pulled and washed. You'll probably have to scroll teh screen to the left to see the new
pictures.                               On December 23 , 2004 , another vertical tube pocket was
discovered that yielded over a hundred pounds of large to very large deep dark gemmy
amethyst. Only 4 or five crystals were small and these rest approached fist sized or better.  The
bulk of this pocket was acquired by Terry Ledford of Mountain Gems and Minerals.   These will
be unvield in Tucson at his booths , you can check his location shedule by going to the above
link to the .net site . Some  crystals approached 7 inches in diameter !  Pictures below is a
cluster that I retained and did not sell .  It has been reconstructed becuase in most  ( but not all
) instances  the clusters fall apart as they are extracted. It has one area with a ding to one of
the crystal points --the crystal on the right .  The crystal on the left in the  picture appears to be
missing the tip .  This is not a area of damage but a natural crystal surface where the very tip
was dissolved away  . It is very peculiar that this area dissolved back into solution as the rest
kept growing !   Check back  soon to check out new pictures of the latest finds from the South's
premier crystal location