Info on Fermented Cod Liver Oil and why Rosita brand
by Corganics is more trustworthy (and doesn't gouge
you on shipping charges). Updated August 29, 2015
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I’m not a fan of Green Pastures and I’d like so share with you why that is.  My doctor recommended that I take
fermented cod liver oil  (FCLO) and stressed that it be the fermented kind and specifically blue ice.   I started
looking around online and found the green pastures site.   I spent a lot of time reading at the site and noticed
that the vitamin content seemed to vary wildly and the results infequently posted.   I emailed the site and
pointed out that there tests results were from 2 years back (2013).   Their reply was that they plan to get
around to it whenever they redo the website.  Whenever??     The owner mentioned the range was as shown
on the website, but I am not comfortable with tests from 2013 and when I specifically asked about current
testing I wasn't given what I considered to be an appropriate response.   It’s 2015 now and there wasn’t any
data for 2014 at all.   Apparently the owner couldn’t be bothered with an inquiry as to even remotely current
data.  Their answer to me was that maybe they will get around to it.
Most of the cod liver oil available to purchase today has been heavily processed, heated and filtered.   In
order to get rid of the fishy smell the process destroys vitamins and the processors jst add artificial vitamins
back in!     I had learned that you could get “fermented” cod liver oil that has the original vitamin content
unaltered.  I looked around but it seemed like Green Pastures was the only company selling this type
product.  Since my doctor specifically told me to get fermented cod liver oil I went ahead and ordered from the
Green Pastures website.   Shipping turned out to be $15!      I run a mail-order business from home and I
know the most this will cost to pack and ship will be $5.    I just feel like Green Pastures really, really gouges
people.  I try not to get so mad about it but they obviously feel like they have no competition to be able to
gouge people on postage by a factor of 300%.
I have done some more looking around and it seems that Corganic produces a comparable product in that it
makes the cod liver oil without heat and without adding vitamins back in after destroying the original content.   
I am pleased to see that and I think that is needed, because Green Pastures is gouging people on postage
for starters.   Green Pastures is also deceptive about the “60 day supply” of the capsules.    Look at the dose
for the oil (2gm)  and then look at the dose for the capsules (1gm).    So, obviously they are being deceptive
in that you don’t have a 60 day supply when you compare it to the regular oil.
I haven’t tried the Corganic product yet, but I plan to.  I am posting this so that other people can see that they
do have an alternative choice.  And shipping for one bottle of vitamin is only $7.50 compared to Green
Pastures that charged me $15 shipping for one small bottle!
There is a lot of debate about the two companies that produce cod liver oil.    The supposed “fermented” cod
liver oil isn’t really fermented.  That’s just a name they substitute for “rotted”.    People with just a rudimentary
knowledge of fermentation know that carbohydrates ferment and meat doesn’t, for sure.   I’ve taken the
Green Pastures product and I believe it to be safe, however, they should knock off the fermented label to be
honest.      The Rosita extra virgin cod liver oil (EVCLO)  seems to be a cleaner, better, fresher product
based on what I have read.    Their process yields fresh raw oil.  One good thing about their process is that it
doesn’t  involve rotting livers.    I will say that my experience with Green Pastures makes me question their
honesty given their business practices.   They may wish to review their shipping charges and not gouge
people so that they don’t have pissed off customers relaying their bad experience to others.  They may wish
to update their website with current info and at least give testing info out when requested.      I can only infer
that the people at Green Pastures are “fat and happy” with nothing to worry about.   I do hope a better
company comes along to give them some competition.   Rosita and Corganics EVCLO may be just the thing!
In closing, I'd like to mention that I find it disturbing that the Weston Price foundation endorses Green
Pastures and recommends purchasing from them, given their shipping charges and how some aspect's of
their marketing is rather sketchy.

The good news is that shipping for the Rosita Extra virgin cod liver oils is only $7.50 from Corganic -even if
you order more than one bottle or item.
*Please note that I am not associated with Corganic's or Rosita EVCLO.   This is strictly  an independent
unsolicited review.  Cod Liver Oil pictures copyrighted by Corganic.
evclo Rosita cod liver oil by Corganics
extra virgin cod liver oil is not fermented
Order Corganic's "Rosita  Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil"  at the link below:
Rosita Cod Liver Oil
Read about Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil at this link
There is also another supplier of Extra Virgin Cod Liver oil that is also recommended by the Weston A Price
Foundation:  Nutrapro International.  Their cod liver oil is also cold processed and they don't add anything
back into their products since they don't filter out or destroy the vitamin content.    Now, the prices of their
product is much lower than Corganic and on top of that the bottles are bigger.  Their cod liver oil and high
vitamin butter oil both are cheaper per bottle and the bottles of each are much bigger.   
Having said that, I
am not sure how the quality compares between the two brands
.   Their cod liver oil comes in a 8 oz /
237ml bottle  for $32 compared to corganics 6 oz/150 ml bottle at $49!     The butter oil is the same way, with
a bigger bottle for less money per bottle!  The even have a combo deal where you buy the CLO and HVBO
together for only $71!     You can check out the Nutrapro website out here
Nutrapoint cod liver oil
I have ordered from Nutrapoint but haven't gotten my cod liver oil and Butter oil yet.  I took them up on
their special combo pricing and they gave me a $8.99 price on shipping for the two large bottles.

Corganic was out of stock on the Cod Liver Oil but the lady on the phone had told me the other day
that they were fishing and would have new product in soon.  I signed up for an email alert for when the
cod liver oil was back in stock and got an email from them yesterday that it was back in stock.  I went
ahead and ordered some of the Corganic Rosita brand and it's good to know that it will be as fresh as
I'll try one brand for a month and then the other brand for a month.   I'll put my thoughts about the
product after having a chance to buy them.

I think that if you are looking for cod liver oil  that either of these two companies are good choices and
a better deal than Green Pastures  fermented cod liver oil.
April 12, 2015  Update on my cod liver oil purchases:
A word about the Nutrapoint products:     The cod liver oil had an almost pleasant taste and not really that
much of a fishy taste.  The oil is very clear.  In the refrigerator the oil remains fairly thin and clear.  In contrast,
the Corganic Rosita oil almost solidifies in the fridge. The butter oil is good and I have been adding 2
teaspoons to oatmeal every morning.   The packaging of the Nutrapoint products is good and the shipping
was very fast.

I finally got the Corganics products. The shipping was thru UPS and was very slow but then again the shipping
was very low compared to Nutrapoint (Green pastures shipping was a rip-off).
The Rosita cod liver oil was packaged very nicely and the manufacture date was Sept 2014, meaning it was
already 6 months old when I got it (but I am sure this is still considered adequately fresh).
This was a golden yellow in color and it had a very strong fishy taste.  It borders on being rough. i also burped
fish for a few hours. This also slightly burned the back of my throat (you read about that often happening
when taking CLO.)   In the refrigerator the oil almost completely solidied.    This , to me - along with the taste
made me think it was a better oil.   The amount was lower and the price higher than the Nutrapoint brand but I
do feel like the quality of oil is better.  This is just a hunch or feeling, and nothing that I can base on facts.
The butter oil was very nicely packaged and had a brighter yellow color.  For $40 you don't get much of it.  I
also tried this butter oil in oat meal and it was pretty good.

In summary between the two different companies oil, I think the Corganics products were better.  Now, they
are a lot more expensive and the cod liver oil is very rough tasting, but I think it is better or more healthful
than the nutrapoint.
Here is a cost comparison between Corganic and Nutrapoint:
Corganic CLO  – 150 ml - $49   ($0.32 per ml)
Corganic Butter Oil  5.2 ounces $39          ($7.50 per ounce)
Nutrapoint CLO 8 ounces  237 ml - $32   ($0.14 per ml  - less than half the price of Corganic)
Nutrapoint Butter Oil 13 ounces $43    ($3.31 per ounce- way less than half the price of Corganic)

My current regimen is going to be taking the Corganic product one day and the Nutrapoint the next,
alternating them every day.
I take 5 ml cod liver oil and on the day for the corganic, one teaspoon of butter oil, and on the day for the
Nutrapoint - two teaspoons of butter oil.
I'll do this every day for 30 days and then may go to just taking the clo/bo every other day once I get my body
loaded with the vitamin.  Since the vitamins are fat soluble they do build up in the body, unlike water soluble
vitamins where the excess is eliminated every day in urine.
For extensive information about Cod liver oil (including Fermented Cod Liver oil) and high vitamin butter oil,
the best most trusted page is the one linked to below on the Weston A Price Foundation website.   It also
lists source of cod liver oil and the first five links are for Blue Ice or other versions offered by Green
Pastures.  This upsets me given my experience with Green Pastures. I feel that five links is overly redundant
and that other sources such as the Rosita cod liver oil from Corganic and the EVCLO offered by Nutrapoint
should be at the top of the list.
Weston A Price Foundation: Info about Vitamin A &D and cod liver oil
Buying tip:     We all like to save money, right?    If you have decided that you want to order the Blue
Ice fermented cod liver oil from Green Pastures, you may as well do it in a way that will save you some
bucks (and maybe discourage bad behavior by the Green Pastures company).
As I related earlier, when I went to check out and complete my order for Blue Ice fermented Cod liver
oil I got a nasty surprise: outrageous shipping charges.  It was $15 to ship a small bottle!    That is
direct from the company and I would have been better off ordering from a middle man.    
My advice is to not order the product directly from Green Pastures but from a dealer that sells it as
most of them are ethical and don't try to gouge you on shipping.   By ordering through a middle man it
reduces the profit the Green Pastures company makes.       They kind of shot themselves in the foot
on this one, but I suppose greed has blinded them.    I'm still mad about the high shipping, and odds
are you'll be mad for months too if you order directly from them.
Avoid the stress and save ten dollars in shipping at the same time:  do not order directly from the
I think I will contact the Weston A Price foundation and see why they so heavily promote Green
Pasture's fermented cod liver oil given their price gouging on shipping.
I'll be ordering more cod liver oil from Nutrapoint in early September and will be giving a review on my
second order.