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The above image shows a green light
and indicates that the dig will go on as
A yellow light means that the dig has
been called into question becuase of
forcasted rain.
A red light means that the dig has
been canceled because digging has
been determined to be impossible.

Relax.  I rarely ever cancel digs but did
once because of snow and once
because of sighted tornadoes.  
Saturday dig is rain or shine.

I only have this in place so that if there
is an emergency you can be aware of it
immediately by checking the signal.
Meeting place: RAIN OR SHINE
We leave promptly at 9:oo a.m.
I have not yet announced the meeting place for
the site 5 dig.  Below is the meeting place for
site 4.  I am leaving it here to save a lot of work.
Dont be confused, the address listed below is not
,not , isn't , is not , for site 5.

Possum Café        phone: 706 274 1024
4792 Lexington road
Washington, Georgia

This is on hwy 78 in Rayle and is near sherrer store , City Hall , etc.
Park in back so as not to block entrance/exit to the business.

This café has coffee , breakfast & Bottled Drinks.
The people at the Café do not have any information about the dig.
It will be a help if everyone would buy coffee or a drink at the establishment so that we can
continue to use their parking lot.
In case of emergency you can text message me ( only! )  at 404-975-8005.This way
If I am on the machine and unable to answer I will still get the message.

You'll get the lastest and most up to date information on this page.    This method just insures
that I dont get a dozen calls or emails that I have to reply to.          
Tools & Things to bring:
5 Gallon bucket
Newspaper to wrap crystals
Potatoe rake

The following are optional but
1/4" mesh Screen

If you are a strong digger you may
want to bring a pick maddock.

You may want to bring a fire log
or dry wood to throw on our fire in
winter and bug spray in the

Camp seat  for under the tent.
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site 5 special dig : updated June 28 at 6:00 am.

I have set up this page for site 5 dig info.   Please note that I am advertising a
seperate public dig  for site 4 and the dig at site 5 is not advertised because
it is a special limited private dig.
This will be limited to 8  people to access the dumps.
I may be able to dig you your own hole on Saturday but wont know for sure until
Friday afternoon.    If so, it will not be cheap.

I will have a machine on site digging all day. Cost will be $80 to dig thru the
dumps ( price was increased because I have to pay the landowner a higher
than anticipated amount).   You may also find a spot to dig on virgin ground.
This is in a secluded forest so there will be plenty of shade.
I'll probably have my generator and a high powered fan for myself.   Since
this is a powerful generator it will not be a problem for you to bring an
extension cord and a fan for yourself.

I will have site 4 open for digging on friday and Sunday, which are the days
before and after the site 5 dig on july 9.  I cant let anyone on site 5 on
Sundays because the landowner is a pastor who wouldnt like this activity on
a Sunday.

The price for Site 4 will be $35 which is a bargain as i'll likely bring up fresh
material as well as uncover viens.     I'll also try to open pockets  at site  4 for
people to dig in if they are attending the next days dig at site 5.   

We will meet and park our cars just inside the gate at site four and walk
across the street to the new site.  It is a short ten minute hike, just under
1/8th of a mile.

For those of you not familar with the site four gate, email me for directions.
I'll also post these directions as soon as I have time.

You can check this page for announcements, updates and dig info
for the upcoming special dig.      Please check this page often as this
systems works better then sending emails in which I might accidently miss

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