September 15 , 2010
Don Brockway sends these pictures of the Norcross GMS 2005 holiday gem show display case he assembled with the help of Chester karwoski ,
David Smith , Mike Galvin . This case ,aptly titled " Amethyst of Northeast Georgia " , features amethyst from seven Georgia locales .Rodney,  
Here are the pictures.  There are seven different locations.  The middle 5 on the top row and the middle
3 on the bottom row are JXR.  I might as well give you the rest.  
Left to right, Top shelf-- 1 Buckhead, Morgan Co.; 2 Fishing Creek, Greene
Co.; 3,4,5,6,7 JXR, Wilkes Co.; 8 Ivey Farm, Warren Co.; 9, 10, 11 Dewey
Rose, Elbert Co.
Bottom row--1 Sandy Cross, Oglethorpe Co.; 2,3 Tyrone, Wilkes Co.; 4,5,6
JXR, Wilkes Co.; 7,8 Ivey Farm, Warren Co.; 9,10,11 Stephens, Oglethorpe Co.
Oh  no !  I have just learned that my jxr amethyst find has been SUPERSEDED and with help from  
the original discoverer ( no less !  ) ?  Click this link to check it out (please note that the text on this
page has been changed since I reported this story ) :  .

Not only do the competitors claim their material is better than mine , they also claim supernatural
help ? The original discover , Ken Plemmons ( Deceased)  , was not too helpfull to most folks in life
, and I doubt his state of decay has mellowed him one whit ! It could be that someone is now
making spurious claims of being the "original discoverer" .
I checked the farlang link ( see below ) today , and that site no longer is making the outrageous
claims that I reported earlier. Now the story is changed - check the farlang link lower down on this

I am pleased to announce a major strike of amethyst today . Digging with a backhoe on the West
side of the green shelter , a big pocket of huge dark purple amethyst crystals was found . This
pocket was only 2 feet deep and well within reach of pick and shovel . Anyone that had paid $25  
to go out there could have dug them up since they were so close to the surface . This was
witnessed by Don Brockway and Greg Moon .............and Joe Ellis who has suddenly turned pro at
finding these things . Joe was the big winner and found several crystals , and 3 of these are super
high quality facet grade .  I started a new hole very near this strike and folks that pay to dig are
welcome to try their luck in it.
I should mention that at the Lagrange clear crystal site , 3 seperate days and  3 groups of people
have made BIG STRIKES of clear quartz crystals. This is a heck of a deal for $15 . Call 404 to book
a trip . Carl Rogers emailed me today with this report ( THANKS CARL ) - he sent pictures too , but
it will be awhile before I have time to post them . I have all kinds of cool things to share with you as
soon as I get a minute . Lately I am work 12 hour shifts at my " REAL JOB "  or digging daylight to
dark .
Carl's report here :Rodney - thanks for the opportunity to collect quartz xls at lagrange.  My uncle
scott and I got there and dug for like 2 hours to remove the overburden from the back, bottom of
the pit.  After removing the overburden we almost immediately started hitting crystals.  We got out
the short fat xl pictured in one of the attached images from that hole.  After a while, it seemed like
the pocket/seam area started to peter out.  So I noticed a small seam above and to the left (looking
away from the creek) and began digging into that.  Almost immediately hit quartz xls.  This pocket
was about 2 feet under ground and apparently had suffered from some freeze and thaw action
over the eyars.  We ended up excavating a pocket about 1 foot wide, by 2 feet deep, by 2.5 feet
high or so.  This pocket ended up running out of xls by the end of the day.  We were tired, but
found well over 200 crystals in a day.  Many of them in the 2-3" range and some up to 6" or more.  
One of the attached pictures shows a large 6" crystal we got out in 2 pieces (there was a 3rd piece,
but the freeze/thaw action of mother nature ruined the bottom or it would have been 9" long).  We
had a blast.  It was well worth the 15/person to attend.  Here are some pics.Carl Rogers .
                 I have relisted a mineral locations book in my ebay store. This book lists a county by
county breakdown of all the known mineral and crystal locations in Georgia . It's cross referenced
, so for instance , if you want to look for quartz , you can just flip to the quartz page and see a
county by county break down of the places to go look for quartz in all it's varieties : agate , quartz
crystals ( clear , amethyst , smoky ) . It has minerals and crystals from A to Z .It list a description of
what has been found in the past as well as drive-up directions. When I was 18 years old I bought a
copy and just wore it out form riding around looking for these places . I am on my third copy now .
It is referred to as the Georgia prospectors bible and if you like to hunt for rocks then you will really
like this book . I sell copies of it in my ebay store , so click this link to check it all out :  I now have extra copies of the Mineralogical Records
Jackson Crossroads Amethyst issue. These are for sale in my ebay store or you can get these
directly from me for the cover price - $15 - which is cheaper than you can get them directly from
the company , because the shipping charge is eliminated ( this requires you not getting it from the
ebay store but directly by hand from me without shipping ) . Do you think  is a cool website ? If so , send a link to this page to a friend !
Jim Olson and Robert K. visited the Hogg Mine ( dec 05 ) Saturday but I do not yet have pix , here is a prelim report that Jim emailed in :Hi Rodney  Hope the JXR
dig went well! Robert Kyle and I had a heck of a good dig at the Hogg mine. In fact we almost called you to ask about filling up a second bucket each and paypal
money to you when we got home - Instead we focused on collecting super cutting material.We each ended up with about half a bucket full of rose quartz. I would
say that 95% of what I brought home is flawless facet grade. We each found a handful of tourmaline - twenty or so with nice terminations. We also found a few
silver dollar sized beryl crystals. One is a strong blue green and transparent and will be cut into a cab sometime today. I will update my website with pictures of our
finds within the next day or two. Jim Olson sends the following pix of what he and Robert found in just one trip :To read the  full report and see more pictures , click
this link to read the field trip report :  Lots more pictures and close-up shots too !  You can see in the photo a piece
of rose quartz affixed to a " dop stick " . This is how the rock is mounted to a holder in preparation for grinding and polishing .Here is a close up of the: schorl
tourmaline crystals   Here is a picture of a guitar pick made from the Hogg mine star rose quartz   Jim custom makes guitar picks and cabs , if you'd like him to
make you something out of your material  just visit his website here :  
Tia Ferrell has sent in pix that  her father - Keith Phagan's amethyst crystal finds at jxr last week .
Read Miner of South Carolina emails in this fieldtrip report :  We had a great dig at both locations. At Diamond Hill on Monday, 12-19-05, we located a
vein that was producing the plates of crystals with lustrous smoky points (the largest point is 1-1/2 inch diameter). Although we had dug many drusy
plates in the morning, I didn't locate a good vein of smoky crystals until about 12:30. At that point, the three of us, Joel Padgett, Alex Butler, and me,
combined efforts to remove the overburden and open up the hole. We split the findings at the end of the day. We each had one large plate of crystals (8
to 10 inches across) plus numerous smaller plates with smaller crystals. I will try to take a couple of pictures tomorrow in the sunlight and send them in
case you want to use them. The smoky crystals have a thin iron oxide coating. In places where the coating has flaked off, the faces of the smoky crystals
have a very high luster.
Breaking News for Jackson's Crossroads Amethyst crystal pay to dig fee mine , Hogg Mine
Georgia ) and the Diamond Hill quartz prospect in Antreville , South Carolina , updated
January  02, 2006  Late Edition . Wondering where to dig for crystals ? We have just the thing !
 First time visitors are encouraged to add this webpage  ( bookmark ) to your favorites for
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video of monster machine digs , a photo gallery and more. Be sure to hit your " refresh"
button to see the most recent changes as I update frequently.I will be adding pictures
tomorrow ( Wed. Jan. 4 , 2006 )  of this past weekends dig . With all teh recent digging at jxr ,
the collecting is very good ! I even have a new hole that is very productive , for all of y'all that
like collecting crystals in rock in a virgin area is your opportunity !  Here is a
link for you to check out : and yet another link to
check out just click here :
S8ZWM23B02     Dec. 26 saw visitors that had a time to remember ! John Carter , Leah C. ,
Kelly , and David Gill came out to participate in what I call a crystal gathering frenzy . You can
believe the hype !
I can't decide who found the best one , David :  or John :   Please
note these crystals were just quickly washed off in a mud puddle
in preparation for the photo's . If you think maybe you'd like to
find you some good amethyst crystals , maybe you should give
me a call . I'm talking about that good colored amethyst , with
gemmy facetable areas and bright shiney faces  !    Folks , it's
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david gill's rock
John Carter
Dec, 26 , 2005 as a Christmas gift from
his wife.   John later started working for
me as caretaker at the mine.