September 15 , 2010
Read Miner sends in the following
pictures of his display case at the
Columbia , S.C. , Gem and mineral
show december 2005 . Photo's
provided by Susan Dugan , though I
had to crop, resize , and optimize file
size resolution to fit this webpage and
offer a quick page download.
Here's a photo of a cluster that Read
collected during a $100 machine dig
back in March . He says I handed him
up a clay ball and told him to check it.
here's another killer cluster that Read
found on one of the many digs he has
attended.  ( Click either to enlarge ).
Jim Olson sent pictures he took last
Sunday when he was digging at JXR
with a couple of friends in a new hole
on the West side of the green shelter.
Jim hit a pocket and here are the
pictures of the crystals fresh out of the
Jim says his friend got the best crystal from the pocket and promises more pix later .   Just a
cautionary disclaimer , that while thousands and thousands of amethyst crystals have been
collected at jxr and I frequently show pictures of what other people have found , do not get the
mistaken impression that crystals are easy to find . It takes skill , the right tools and hard work . If
you have that , lay your money down and get to digging. On the other hand, if you ain't all that smart
, have never been characterised as being "bright" , and have nothing in the back of your pick up
truck other than two empty coke cans and a garden rake , and can't or not willing to swing a hammer
, your chances of success at jxr are slim----- STAY AT HOME . I'd like to conclude this portion of this
report with an artistic and contemplative image that was captured by J. Don Aldridge of a woman
and her child , digging and spending time togethor at jxr. A great place and a great thing to do .
Consider it .
We hit another vertical tube pocket and found a lot of good crystal.   How did we find the vertical tube pocket ?  I dumped a bucket full of
dirt and Marie Aldridge let out a shout , a clump of dirt from the pocket that had a dozen  crystals -deep purple and several monster crystals.  Joe Ellis
came in second with several big ones too ! I had scooped up the side of the tube and dumped it out for the $100 diggers.  Guests included Steve Pegler
from Arizona , Russ Fulwiler flew in from Wisonsin, Leah from Alabama, Thoma Davis from North Carolina , Joe Ellis and Jim Olson from the ATL .
Ordinarily I ask folks to call  the "HOGG MINE HOTLINE " on my Nextel / Sprint @ 404- since they offer free unlimited incoming calls . I had to also get
service with Verizon , and their signal does reach every where you want to be  , including deep in the piney woods of Jackson's Crossroads . So , if you
need to get in touch with me , call me on " THE AMETHYST CONNECTION " @ 404-   if no answer on the nextel. Fresh dirt moved at the Hogg mine  
Wednsday  . Call to book a great collecting trip to this historic locale !
Do you want to hang with the big dogs ?  Do you like riding
out front of the pack ? With my professional digging bars you
can !  Use the heavy duty professional tools to get
professional results .  As most of you know , I sell
professional pry bar style digging bars . Maybe some of you
have seen pictures here or there , or a video or two , of
these in use .  I sell "single mojo " straight digging bars as
well as my "special double mojo "  digging bars with the 90
degree hook . 4 foot long and i inch diameter steel   $50 .
Ladies !  Brush that dirt off your shoulders and throw down
them  garden rakes !
Now you can show your stuff and do some
prying too ! Special petite 2 foot double mojo's for the ladies - $38 .
These 2 foot mini's are actually great for working in confined spaces
when dealing with hard rock  , or for 'finessing' a crystal pocket.  .Be
sure to check out this report ! click this link :  there are three
pages  of pictures and it you have slow dial -up it is worth the wait to
see all 3 pages . Based on Rick's report I would imagine they were
pleased with their visit.
Monster machine dig at jxr , december
17 , 2005 . $100 per person to get
buck wild in a crystal gathering frenzy.
That's what it turned into on the last
dig  !  Here's what Joe Ellis found :
Joe came out to jxr about 4 times and to 2 machine digs and did not find much , just a crystal or two each time . But , he saw folks around him do well
and figured that sooner or later he would get something good .   Well , last Saturday was Joe's big day . You can see what he found on the last dig !
Here's a better look at two of the nicest ones (above).   His total finds for the day clicks to enlarge.
Marie Aldridge found a whole lot more than Joe did .  Here is a picture taken in the field by J. Don Aldridge at days end of one of Maries finds :
Jim Olson went home and the next day
cut one of his gemmy crystals into a
cabachon that would look good set in a
ring or a pendent :
I want to point out that while Marie found a whole bunch ,
and Joe found slightly less , there were 12 diggers and
results varied . While everyone was happy , some folks did
not find much . I am very excited about the next dig , but
this is tempered by the thought that past results do not
gaurantee future results. If you interested in digging with
me , give me a call at 404- .
Due to marketing considerations , I am not going to divulge the events that took place
this past Sunday , Dec . 04 , 2005 , other than to say they were significant. I will be
issueing a report with pictures just prior to our opening of the Dixie Euhedrals sales
booth in the Smuggler's Inn and the Mountain Gems and Minerals sales booth at the
Clarion @ alvernon , at the Grand Opening of the Arizona Mineral and fossil show in
Tucson , also just known as " the Tucson Show  2006 "  . For Tucson show dates ,
locations , maps and more  visit and click the Tucson
show banner
I am working on several projects , including helping in publishing an article for a magazine that insists on
superior professional photography . I suggested to Michelle Matthews a way to have  a professional
background in photo's . I knew of a trick used by Jeff Scovil to make objects appear to be floating in air .  
Michelle took my advise and used the method I suggested to produced this image of a Lagrange Quartz crystal .
Can anyone tell me how this
background was accomplished ? It
involved no photoshop or editing "
tricks"  and it was not cropped ,cut and
pasted onto a blue background- YET
SPACE . The answer ?
I worked all day today setting up a photoshoot for pictures to be published in a magazine . I will update as soon as I can
for a magazine with high standards and heavy slick glossy paper ) . I had some help of course and a much better
camera than my kodak 4 meg . Yesterday I posed the question ( see lagrange quartz crystal lower on this page ) of
how did we make the crystal appear to " float in air " . David Swearingin e-mailed in with the correct answer : the
specimen is photographed sitting on non-reflective glass which is set up on blocks a few feet over cloth that covers the
table and then goes up a wall .  This special glass proved hard to find , and cost $80 for a 2 foot x 3 foot section . The
resulting pictures are top notch and I look forward to putting them up soon . I may get them up sooner but it looks like
Monday to get the majority of them up . Don't worry , in the mean time I have found some " eye candy " for your perusal
. Just click this link :