Do you have a question about a date for our guided mineral collecting
trips to Jackson's Crossroads amethyst  or Paint Rock Agate?   
Or maybe you want to schedule a visit to our Rock Shop just South Of
Atlanta to purchase rocks, crystals, minerals, etc?

You are at the right place and here is the deal:
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ROCK SHOP VISITS: To visit our rock shop in Jackson, Georgia ( 30233 ) just use the
drop down menu on the right and email us about when you would like to stop by.  We have informal
hours and as long as you make arrangements you can pretty much visit any time that you like, 7 days
a week , even real early or late!
As long as we our not out digging or on a buying trip or at a show you can stop by any time.
To set up a visit just email me!

AMETHYST & AGATE DIGS:    We list digging dates a week or two in advance  and
the only way to see a scheduled date is by looking at the
digging dates page.   If you are planning a
vacation or a trip near one of our digging locations, it will not be a problem to pre-book a date to visit
so that you can complete your plans and reservations. See below to make reservations.

Please note, we are juggling a lot of places and a lot of activities, so I can only announced regular
scheduled dates a little bit in advance.  If I dont have a date listed for a location, this means I havent
set one and dont know when the next one will be.  If you email me and ask " Do you have a date
coming up for  , January, February, March ??" , etc, you will not get an answer but a link to this page.
Really, honestly, if I dont have a date listed then I dont have a clue when the next dig will be and just
dont have an answer for you.  If you need to book a certain date I can usually do that.

BOOKING OR RESERVING A DIGGING TRIP:   We travel ourselves and
understand the need to arrange a visit at a certain time.
You can name your own date ( except on Sundays) for anytime at our two locations provided you give
us time to make arrangements. If you want a certain date for next week or six months from now, just let
me know and I will make it happen.   You will have to pre-pay a non-refundable booking fee of $100.  
This is a flat fee for you or your group and doesnt include the digging fee. If you have one person or a
dozen, the booking fee is a total of $100.

This means I personally obligate myself to be at a certain place or will pay someone to meet you and
guide and assist you at the collecting area. I will make arrangements and schedule my life around your
needs for a certain day.
I dont live anywhere near any of the collecting areas and it requires travel for us to be at any of the
locations. It is a 4 hour drive one way for me to the paint rock agate location, for example.    I dont
want to arrange my schedule or make a 4 hour drive only to find out the person that booked the trip
just didnt make it.
For this reason we charge a $100 fee to book a digging trip. It is not refundable for any reason,
because on the day you choose we have altered our plans for you and set our other activities around
your visit schedule.