Have Backhoe , Will Travel !
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We're experts at mining for gems , crystals and minerals  and can provide machinery and workers to any spot on the
planet .    Typically we either pay a fee to dig on a property , or , we split the finds with the land owner .
We own some equipment such as a large new 4x4 backhoe , Gas powered Jack Hammers , and Rock Drills.  We
also have an account with Caterpillar and can get new and very large excavators delivered ANYWHERE .  Since we
typically spend a day or two every week on a machine , we're experts at running them .

We have completed or active with major projects  such as the Jackson's Crossroads Amethyst deposit in Georgia ,
The Hogg mine ( GA.)  and various other GA. locations,  Various South Carolina locations , Locations in Herkimer ,
New York , various crystal mines in Arkansas , etc.

If you have property with minerals , or have access to such a property , send us an email using the form below &
we'll see what we can do about rolling out some machinery .
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Do you have crystals or minerals on your
property ?   Or just know of a good place to
We're interested in digging for crystals
&  minerals such as agate or other
cabbing rough.
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