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I bought a Trek Bicycle at the Trek store in McDonough, Georgia and the experience was not good.    Not
only was the bike recalled due to a potential fork break at the drop-out (which is a hassle just by itself
enough), but when I loaded my bike up and hauled it to the Trek bike shop on Westridge Pkwy in
McDonough, Georgia the employee working there couldn't tell me if my bike was actually in the recall.
He said that I had to leave it, and that a mechanic had to look at it, and if it was in the recall they had to file
a claim, wait for the part and then get it fixed.  The part to be replaced is a skewer that is different than what
came with the bike.
When I asked how long this would be he indicated a week or two.     So I asked the guy, seeing as how I just
paid $600 for this bike I was supposed to just go without a bike during this time?  The guy just shrugged
and said 'pretty much'.      This to me is unacceptable

I am perplexed as to why I would get an email from Trek telling me that my bike "may be affected" when they
have a record of the bike and serial number that I purchased.    You would think they would know.      But I
do understand how that during production there might be a change in the part and the factory not recording
exactly when this took place.   What I don't  understand is why come the employee at the bike shop couldn't
look at my bike at tell me on the spot if my bike needed the replacement part.  You would think that at the
shop there would be pictures of the forks that were being recalled.     Here is a copy of the email from Trek:

Thank you for your recent purchase of a Trek bicycle. Our records indicate you purchased one of the
following models equipped with an SR Suntour suspension fork (both standard and WSD models are

2011 Wahoo
2011 Marlin
2011 Marlin SS
2012 8.3 DS
2012 Wahoo
2012 Marlin
2012 Marlin SS
2013 8.3 DS
2013 Cali
2013 Wahoo
2013 Marlin

A number of these bicycles were made with an SR Suntour suspension fork, models XCM (29”), XCT (29”),
or NEX (700c), on which the fork dropouts can break. If this happens, the rider could lose control of the
bicycle and be injured.

Your safety is very important to us. Therefore, we have designed a special quick-release that is made to
help prevent the potential for the dropouts on the fork to break. Trek will replace the front quick-release on
an affected bicycle with a special quick-release with washers, free of charge.

This letter contains important information regarding what to do next if you think you may have purchased
one of these bicycles.

Only specific bicycles from model years 2011, 2012, and 2013 are affected. These bicycles may have serial
numbers ending in “F,” “G,” or “H.” Your local retailer can assist you in determining if your specific fork is
subject to the recall. The following pages show you how to identify the affected models.

If the front fork dropout breaks, you could be involved in a serious accident. Do not ride your bicycle until
your retailer has replaced the quick-release.

If you own a bicycle that is affected by this recall, Trek will provide you—through your Trek retailer—a free
replacement front quick-release on your bicycle. If you have any questions, please contact your retailer, or
call Trek at the special recall hotline:800.373.4594

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this problem might have caused you. We value you as a
customer and want you to enjoy your Trek bicycle. We hope that after your Trek bicycle is repaired, you will
continue to safely enjoy cycling.

For additional information, including instructions for removing and installing the replacement quick release,
please refer to the materials below. This letter was prepared in cooperation with the Consumer Product
Safety Commission. If you have questions about the information in this letter, please contact your Trek
_---- end of letter----_

One impression that I get from the Trek Bike shop in McDonough, Georgia is that if you don't buy a bike
that is many thousands of dollars that you really shouldn't be in the store.   This is just my impression but I
am pretty sharp on picking thing up like that.    I mean, who wants a dead-beat or a homeless person
hanging around the bike shop?     The bike that I bought was a "cheapie" at $560 including tax.  That's
pretty much dead-beat territory for them!

Their flawed thinking is that someone buying a cheap starter bike is just wasting time and taking up the
space that could be used by a person buying a $3,000.00,  a $5,000.00 or an even more.

What they may not have considered is that a person may buy a cheap starter bike and then step up to a
more expensive bike if they find that they really enjoy biking and will actually use the bike.   I had intended
on trying to trade my bike up to the next level when I went to see about the recall.    There was a nice bike
for $1,000.00 that I had in mind and I actually glanced at it as I walked through the entrance doors.   At the
time, this was a black Trek Mountain bike located just to the right as you enter.
Their response to the recall sure soured me on buying anything from them.
The owner of the store emailed me saying he would let me use a rental bike as a loaner while my bike was
repaired.    That was just CYA and for the record for Trek Corporate because when the owner called me he
didn't mention that at all but tried to dazzle me with  BS about why I had my bad experience.

The Trek bicycle shop in McDonough on Westridge Parkway had one chance to deal with my problem.  I
took my time to load my bike and drive up there and they pretty much just managed to piss me off and
waste my time.
There are a lot of other nice bike shops in McDonough, Georgia.  I haven't dealt with any of them but I can
tell you that i would start out at any of the other shop other than the Trek store based on my experience
with the recall and the way the particular store mishandled things when I brought my bike in.   
There is an Epic Bikes store at 1993 Jonesboro Rd McDonough, GA.     This is in a shopping center that I
always go to in order to visit The Marble Slab ice cream shop.  I have never actually been in the Epic Bikes
store but have looked in thru the window quite a bit and they have a lot of bikes.  I can't vouch for how they
will treat you but given my problems with Trek you can hardly be treated worse, so you may consider giving
them a shot if you are looking to buy a bicycle.
If you have a similar story or want to contact me about the recall and the trouble at the store then just go to
my contact page for my email address.
A warning about the Trek store in
McDonough, Georgia.   Updated
March 01, 2018
"I mean, who wants a dead-beat or a homeless person hanging around the bike shop?     The bike that
I bought was a "cheapie" at $560 including tax.  That's pretty much dead-beat territory for them!"
This story starts out slow with a recall letter but it picks up steam after the necessary slow parts.