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On my last trip to Tucson I was able
to visit  a town about 20 miles from
the National Petrified Forest and
collect some Rainbow Petrified

While collecting in the National
Petrified Forest is prohibited,
there area some areas nearby
where you can work out  a
collecting arrangement, usually by
paying by the bucket.
Below are photographs of a block of the petrified wood that I
was slabbing. This pieces is nearly flawless and fracture free
and has the colors of the rainbow, including a very eye
pleasing lavender purple color!   All of the pictures below
show the same piece from different sides to give you an idea
of how the color varies wildy in a single piece.
Here is a different piece from the
same location but  differs because
it is badly fractured.
Since I have been slabbing agate I also cut
some of my paint rock agate that I have been
digging in Alabama.
Pictured below is a nice piece of this type
I have designed various items with this
and other agate photo's on them.
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