Facet Rough Page
In additional to mineral specimens and crystals, we also offer various
types of facet rough for sale. You'll get your best price on facet
rough by buying a kilogram or partial parcel.   We specialize in
amethyst from Jacksons Crossroads  as well as world wide
but do
carry other types of facet rough as well.
Amethyst crystals from Erongo Namibia that are gem quality facet rough
This parcel is for 3  gem grade facet rough amethyst
crystals from the rare and obscure location of Erongo
Mountains, Namibia. These have a peculiar color and
are top notch!
 I'll post size wieght and cost later.
Parcel cost;
Stone sizes
Stone weights:
ametrine amethyst mix of facet rough sold by the Kilo
 Pictured below is a mix of amethyst & ametrine facet rough from the
Anahi mine in Bolivia.  Big pieces with good facetable areas but some
waste as well.  Priced to be a great deal at
$250 per kilogram.
This material  shown below
is absolutely flawless with
no waste.  "Carefully
graded ".
I sell this material in my
vendio store and you can
see better pictures
HERE .  
Top Blue Georgia Amethyst $1400.00
Top Grade Blue Amethyst
Jackson's Crossroads
Wilkes County, Georgia.
Price $1,400.00
Weight 75 grams
Size :  To be added later.
Light grade eyeclean economy
Georgia amethyst.
21 grams
21 grams
18 grams
18 grams
More top blue Amethyst from JXR
Parcels of crossroads amethyst
190 grams $400
195 grams $950
102 Gram amethyst crystal